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- The 100% Swiss-made Pedicure File -

The 100% Swiss-made wooden pedicure file is well known to more than 40 countries worldwide for its premium qualities and long life. Manufac- tured from FSC-certified 6mm Swiss beech wood (more information at sourced from sustainable forests, it is the ecologically friendly choice for everyone.

New York, October 2013 Almost entirely handmade, the high-quality manu- facturing process ensures the file lies perfectly in the hand with no risk of injury from sharp edges or splinters. Its stability and strength compare very favorably with cheaper, plastic files

We care for the environment by using water-based lacquerthe same product is used for children’s toys, and is guaranteed to be physiologically safe. It ensures very good impact and grinding reistance, and demonstrates superior bending strength. It is resistant to water, household chemicals and alcohol; e.g. for quick cleaning under run- ning water or spray disinfectant.

The carrier material is permanently protected by the excellent antimicrobial properties of the Sanitized hygiene function, which guarantees no unpleasant smell or material degradation. It is a water-resistant coated paper and ensures very long life- span10 years is not uncommon.

We use a top-quality abrasive grain made of synthetic corundum (no glass or emery), which has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. The grains are evenly distrib- uted over the carrier material and cover the entire surface, resulting in more grain tips per sq cm. This produces a uniform, fine grinding woth a higher removal rate and con- siderably less roughnessthe skin immediately appears soft and smooth.

The abrasive grains are firmly anchored on the carrier material by means of an electrostatic process, thus preventing any grain loss when filing. The waterproof abra- sive can be used on wet or dry skin equally as effectively, with the rough side (60 grain) for grinding and the fine side (100 grain) for smoothing.

The files are hygienically packed in blister packs with a suspension bracket, and are available in a neutral/transparent lacquer.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: To obtain more information about GEHWOL , or to speak with Johnny Jarufe, please contact Melanie Schlicher (203) 541-8940.

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